Self paced music Group Lesson Courses

Self paced Music Group lesson Courses suit those who don’t want to commit to weekly lessons with a teacher but who want access to a "Master" teacher. The “Learn to Play or Sing” program was made available by Wendy for people who want to work independently through the course but want access to support as required.

Ultimately, Wendy developed her programs after finding the reason most people give up learning was due to having too much information or technical information given at once. The expectation set by many methods and teachers is for students to be able to play or sing multiple new concepts at once which then overwhelms or frustrates the student when it is not readily achieved. “Learn to Play or Sing” is an approach introducing each musical concept separately to you. Every topic is explained simply for you to make every step quickly achievable. This also allows you to move forward faster if a concept is already known, or chose where to start.

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How does it work?

A Learn to Play or Sing Course consists of several levels with a lesson by lesson approach where a new musical concept, note or chord is introduced. There is a mix of video tutorials, pdf music sheets with mp3 backing trax and quizzes. You can choose your own activities to learn and become proficient with each musical concept on your chosen instrument. You can also choose how many activities you need to be confident before moving to the next lesson.

Although the Learn to Play or Sing courses are designed for absolute beginners, they cover enough material for several years of learning if attempting one lesson per week. For those who have already played ( or sung) a bit, you are easily able to choose where you want to start and can move around the course skipping any topics  you are already confident in if you wish.

A Self paced Group lesson Course is where you work independently through the provided resources but have access to a facebook support group and a weekly online group lesson. Go at your own pace and choose the topics or areas you are interested in or need to learn. Drop in at the weekly group lesson as needed and post questions and achievements in the facebook group.

After purchasing a course, login to your course account through the “My Courses” link at the top of our website. Courses can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

Your initial purchase will be for a minimum 1 month. Following this your lesson fees will automatically debit each month. If you wish to you can login and cancel at any time. 

You will have access to the full program instantly! ENJOY!

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Extra individual help available too!

Should you require intensive help, you have the opportunity to book an individual casual lesson with Wendy also.

In addition Wendy can assist you if you connect via the Wendy’s Music School facebook page.

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