-an Experts guide to generating an income as a Music teacher by Wendy Brentnall-Wood
PART 1 - Introduction:
This book is part of a desire to “spread the benefit of music to more people” by helping Music
Teachers make sustainable careers, and enjoyable lives as this enables them to keep going and
have continued and increasing impact. In This book I will share a number of strategies and
systems I have developed over the many years of my teaching and business career.
Musicians and Music Teachers are often highly trained, and highly skilled in all things musical,
however they are rarely as highly trained, if trained at all, in what it takes to run a business. When I
was starting out, there was nothing available. In fact only recently has this changed as there
appear to be opportunities now emerging for music teachers to learn and understand the
business side of their teaching, but most of it is generic for any sort of business and I doubt you
will find many Music Teacher mentors with 40 years hands on experience in the industry…….

PART 2 - Overview:
There are three key systems I developed as my business grew, as these will be referred to
throughout the book. The systems are known as the:
1. Music School Success Evolution
2. Music School Success Ladder
3. Music School Success Divisions
The three systems can all be at play concurrently - meaning you can be working on developing a
particular division of your business at a particular time of your business evolution to achieve a
particular expansion or growth in your Teaching Business……..

PART 3 - Music School Success Evolution
4. Prepare - Evaluate Your readiness to start or grow your teaching. Audit your resources.
5. Dream - Let your imagination expand and explore the what you want your future to look like.
6. Design - Research what you will need to make your dream a reality.
7. Build - Get started, time to set up your systems, premises, software and all divisions!
8. Live - Time to Launch your new teaching business, but be prepared to test, review and tweak!
9. Share - Making Music relevant to students and sharing with local communities
10. Expand - When and how to grow your teaching most effectively.

PART 4 -Music School Success Ladder
11. Roadie - Problems and Solutions of a Musician starting out as a music teacher including a
case study of Peter.
12. Chorus Line - Positives and Negatives of teaching for someone else
13. One Person Show - What does being a solo teacher really look and feel like? The Difficulties
and benefits involved?
14. Leading Person - The learning curve of bringing other teachers into your studio, including a
case study of Kristin.
15. Principal - What does it take to have the responsibility of multiple teachers and how do you
manage it all? Including a case study of Cath
16. Manager - Removing yourself from teaching to focus on business, a case study of Jonathan.
17. Director - Building Teams, Expanding programs and locations.
18. Virtuoso - Is Franchising or Multiple Studios your Dream? Let’s consider the Positives and
19. Icon - What does it take to become the in demand celebrity that is an icon?
Also Included in the book will be a Recommended Resources section and Bonus offers.

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Music Teaching Made profitable is available as an audio book.



“Teaching music is a labour of love, and this book has a wealth of information on setting up
the ideal conditions for music teaching studios to thrive. Wendy Brentnall-Wood shares her
in-depth knowledge and writes with experience and enthusiasm. A great read and
essential reference for all music teachers.”
Helen Tuckey, Australian Strings Association National President

“One of the biggest challenges facing Music Teachers around the
world is knowing how to run the business side of their studio.
Teacher training courses seldom teach these skills, leaving musicians
woefully unprepared for success in a competitive industry. Even more
distressing is hearing older teachers actively discouraging graduates
from setting up studios because of their own struggles to make ends
meet. Well, all this is about to change with the release of Wendy’s new
book: Music Teaching Made Profitable, a resource that will change
people’s perceptions of how they can generate a more reliable, steady
income from music teaching and how to grow a more profitable
business to support them in the future.”
Tim Topham
Director, Top Music Education PTY LTD

“Wendy came to talk to teachers at our pedagogy conference about how

they could build their teaching practices into successful businesses. Her
presentation was so well received that we invited her back to advise
our teachers on strategies for creating their own teaching programmes.
Her ideas were inspirational and easily tailored to each teacher’s
unique goals and aspirations.
Wendy’s new book is a comprehensive and practical guide to business
success, gleaned from her own multifaceted experience as a musician,
teacher, author, publisher and business owner. I encourage all Music
Teachers to read it!”
Jocelyn (Jo) Kotchie
Composer, Music Educator and President of the West Australian
Music Teachers’ Association

“Instrumental Music Teachers start out with a love of music and
performance skills, and wanting to share their knowledge and skills
with others beginning a career in teaching. Most however have little or
no knowledge of the business skills necessary to facilitate this career
path. Wendy Brentnall-Wood’s book fills a much needed niche; I would
recommend it for all teachers to expand their business knowledge both
starting out and growing a music teaching practice.”
Margaret Schlink
Violin and Viola Teacher, Director of Perth Scottish Fiddlers
AMusA (viola), DipMusT, MMusPS | Accred WAMTA Member |
Past President AUSTA WA

“Each instrumental teacher is in fact their own small music business.
Learning how to run their business effectively is a vital endeavour,
and an often overlooked one. In Music Teaching Made Profitable,
music business owners learn about the different stages of music studio
growth, various elements to consider at each stage and how to achieve
growth. Wendy generously shares her experiences as an instrumental
teacher, music studio owner and business coach for anyone who seeks
a clearer path through the Music Studio Business world!”
Carly McDonald
Creative Editor – The Piano Teacher
Owner Nova Music