Wendy’s Programs are designed to make learning to read and play so simple that you can play a tune in your first session.
Tunes have easy to play backing tracks that make you sound like an instant rock star!
For those who enjoy variety, there are many choices of activities you can have fun with.
Get your groove on with CREATE playalongs,
Test your knowledge with fun flashcard games,
 Play well known music at the level that you can achieve,
See your progress as you master lesson by lesson, level by level,
and much more!
Learning Guitar can be very different for each person as there are so many different styles of guitar music as well as many different types of guitar.
In general guitar students need to develop skill with each hand. The left hand learns how to move individual fingers around the fretboard to play notes or form chord shapes. The Right hand gets to  strum or pick a variety of rhythmic patterns to bring the music alive. This is usually reversed for Left handed people who have a left hand guitar.
A well rounded guitar player usually knows their way around the individual notes on the fret board as needed to play melodies as well as how to play chords in different positions.

The focus of Guitar lessons is always catered to each individual’s preferences and goals, however beginners do need some basic skills before restricting themselves to a particular style.
Typically a guitar lesson involves a mix of learning where and how to place left hand fingers for notes and chords, whilst also paying attention to how the right hand is producing the strumming or picking patterns. Good technique helps achieve clear and enjoyable sounds, so use Wendy's tips and exercises on how to achieve this.
Reading Guitar Charts and  traditional music notation are equally valuable skills and these can be developed concurrently or as needed for each student. In both cases learning from charts or notation makes it possible for students to become independent learners as they then have access to a whole world of notated music. 

I want our students to develop life long skills not just teach them how to play a couple of songs from scribbled bits of paper.

All lessons include access to the full suite of Learn to Play Guitar resources of pdfs, audio & video files in a lesson by lesson approach.

There are many different styles of Guitar available to purchase. If you don’t already have a guitar, it is worth discussing this with Wendy so she can assist you in deciding which type of guitar best suits the music you want to play and your own physical needs.
Guitars also come in a variety of sizes for children and adults. Different styles of guitar such as classical or electric have different size fret boards and differently shaped bodies that can make it easier of harder for you depending upon your age/size / finger size and strength etc.

In addition to owning your own guitar, I highly recommend you purchase a carry case to protect your instrument not just when taking it out, but also from dust and knocks at home.
You may like to use picks or plectrums, an electronic or online tuner and at some point will need to replace strings, so carrying a spare set is handy!
Lastly you can expect to choose your favourite music to play which may mean purchasing some music books in addition to using our free online learning resources as part of your guitar lessons.



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