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Stephen Charlton


Grade Six of ANZCA Drum Kit Performance.

Partial Cert III in Music (Performance and Technical Production)

All the instruments I teach and their level:

Drums – Intermediate

Guitar - Intermediate

The styles of music I specialize in are:
Contemporary, rock, pop, blues, punk, metal, hardcore & other heavier styles.
I have also studied jazz, funk and latin and therefore can give students a grounding in those styles.

I have more than two years' music teaching experience in both individual and group formats. I taught primary school and high school students as well as adults.

I have played live and in the studio with numerous bands over the past 12 years. Most notably with Melbourne progressive metal act ‘Echo’s Witness’ and my current project ‘Cold Sleep’, which is a post-hardcore band. I write original music for the project and record/mix/produce our releases.

I offer highly customised lessons to my students. I want to understand why you want to play the drums, what you want to achieve and I will help you get there. If the student doesn’t have a clear answer to those questions I will begin by giving them a solid grounding in the instrument and help them find the direction they want to go in.

Learning theory and technique is undeniably important but I also keep in mind that music is about self-expression and having fun.

Music is my passion and what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Playing music with other people is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. I want to share my love of music and knowledge of drumming with other people.

Bring Me The Horizon, Metallica, The Wonder Years, The Mars Volta, The Cure, Guns N’ Roses, Paramore, Saosin, The Amity Affliction, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blink-182 and The 1975.

The bands listed are mostly based around rock but I enjoy listening to and learning from a wide array of genres, contemporary or otherwise.

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Intermediate & Advanced Programs

$ 38.50


Guitar Beginner Programs

$ 29


Drumkit Beginner Programs

$ 29