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Violin Beginner Programs


Crystle Chin – Coburg Studio



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Individual Studio Program


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Individual In Home Program


per 30 minute lesson per week

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Learn to Learn to Play Violin Program introduces children to all fundamental musical skills such as :

  • Technique
  • Playing Tunes
  • Reading Music
  • Writing Music
  • Understanding Music
  • Listening
  • Performing

What children will learn:

  • Reading and playing melodies and chords on all strings
  • Bowing and Posture Techniques
  • Reading and playing notes across 3 octaves
  • Reading and playing rhythms
  • Reading and playing a variety of dynamics, tempi and meter
  • Reading and playing melodic and harmonic intervals
  • Reading and playing tetrachords and triads
  • Reading selected major and minor scales and arpeggios
  • Playing a variety of articulations including staccato and legato

Each week a new musical concept will be explored and relevant Tunes and Performance music will be selected to assist in the understanding of the concept.

Suitable Age:  5 –11 years

Lesson Length: 30 minutes each week

Class Sizes: Individual or Shared

Program Length: 

  • Stage 1 Beginner- 2 Levels
  • Stage 2 Preparatory – 2 Levels
  • Stage 3 Preliminary – 2 Levels

Each Level may take 1 or 2 terms ( 3 – 6 months)

Suitable Age:  12 – 19 years, 20 years +

Lesson Length: 30 minutes each week

Class Sizes: Individual or Shared

Program Length: 

  • Stage 1 Beginner
  • Stage 2 Preparatory
  • Stage 3 Preliminary

Each Stage may take 1 or 2 terms ( 3 – 6 months)

Individual lessons can be started at any time within a term.

There is a choice of Term membership for lesson only during school terms


Annual Membership for lessons each week of the year excepting Christmas.

NB Individual lessons only can be deferred when 24 hours notice in writing is given via our online form.Quantity of lessons able to be deferred varies with Term or Annual membership. Deferred lessons are not applicable for Casual,shared or group lessons.

Shared and Group lesson bookings are made for full terms but can commence whenever a new class is ready.

Each Lesson will contain a mix of activities to develop well rounded musical skills, give variety and review new concepts in different ways.

Activities include:

  • Technique Exercises
  • Playing Tunes
  • Playing Performance Pieces
  • Exploring and Learning about a new Musical Concept
  • Flashcard Quiz
  • Sight Reading
  • Creative Improvisation
  • Listening and Moving or Playing Hand Percussion

Students are required to set aside time each week between lessons to review and develop these skills through the week’s requested homework (currently written in each student’s music diary).

A minimum of 4 Sessions of playing at home of homework are suggested. Playing at home sessions should be based on adequate repetition and improvement in the ease of playing set homework with good concentration rather than specific amounts of time, hence sessions may vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Finding a set time for playing at home is highly recommended with parental supervision and assistance at all times.

Homework typically consists of:

  • Technique Exercise(s)
  • One or More Tunes
  • Performance Piece
  • Flashcard Quiz Review

Wendy’s Music Diary Method, Theory book and Backing trax per level. A Technique book and Performance music per Stage.

Currently Wendy’s Music provides all books at the first lesson and the cost is added to the first lesson fee. Some books are still available in Hard copy but progressively Wendy’s books and materials are becoming available only as digital downloads.

Cost of a set of books per 1B,C,D, 2B,C,D, 3B level can vary from $29.97 digital copies to $46.99 hard copy for Method, Theory and digital trax. (Children Course)

For a full stage 1A, 2A, or 3A costs can vary from $57.99 a set of digital copies with hard copy Performance book to $84.98 hard copies and digital trax. (Children Course)

For a full set for one stage costs can vary from $57.93 a set of digital copies with hard copy Performance book to $83.98 hard copies and digital trax. (Adult Course)

NB Performance book prices vary.

Students are required to have an instrument (with bow and hard case) to play on at home and to bring to lessons.Violins come in a variety of sizes suitable for children of all ages based on their physical size and in particular their arm length.

A Violin shoulder rest and rosen are also essential.

An instrument can be provided for a free assessment providing it is requested at booking.

It is highly recommended that students have an electronic tuner and Music Stand at home.

For assistance in obtaining an instrument please visit our online shop here.

Our Main Teachers

Crystle Chin – Coburg Studio

Piano & Violin Trainee WMS Teacher

Liam King – Eltham & Rosanna In homes

Violin & Piano Certified WMS Teacher

Eric Shek – Balwyn North Studio

Violin & Piano Trainee WMS Teacher

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