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3-5 Years

Pre school Level

For kids aged

6-12 Years

Teen Level

For age group

13-17 Years

Adult Level

For age group

18+ Years


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Preschool competition
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Teen Competition
Adult Competition

Video Recording Specs

The recording must be no more than 15 minutes long and meet the following requirements

  • Your video may be made anytime during the last 12 months, but has to match with your age category on the moment you submit your application.
  • The hands and the face of the participant should be visible during the recording, as well as the keyboard and pedals or relevant parts of the instrument to verify the authenticity of the performance.
  • The participant should be dressed well and in an appropriate manner. Performances in sportive or casual clothes will not be accepted for evaluation!
  • The performance setting and background should represent a performance setting as much as possible i.e. recorded on a stage or in a living room without background noise or visual clutter. Recordings taken in a bedroom are not recommended.
  • Cutting & merging multiple takes is not allowed.

Note: The video must be posted on YouTube and titled in English as follows: Perform competition – Your Name, your instrument, your age – State and Country and, in the “Description” field, list the music being performed in your video. Example: Perform competition – Jack Wood, violin, 13 years old – Victoria, Australia Videos may be rejected if not titled according to the rules.*

Manhasset Voyager Music Stand plus carry Bag


Winners will be determined by the number of “votes” they receive on their registered video in the given time frame.


Prizes will be awarded to the performers who receive the highest votes in their age group. The organisers reserve the right to offer additional prizes or withdraw prizes where insufficient entries have been received.


Hal Leonard prize of Manhasset Voyager Music Stand plus carry Bag. Perfect for any Musician or Music Student!  Valued at $130!

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