Zeren Ulusoy




AMusA and LMusA in Piano

Grade 6 Music Theory

ALL the instruments I TEACH and their level

  • Piano Classical – Advanced
  • Piano Contemporary – Advanced

The Styles of Music I specialize in are:

  • Classical and Contemporary

My Teaching experience includes :

I have been teaching privately for about 4-5 years, generally to primary and high school aged students.

My Band, Ensemble and Performing experience includes:
My main performing experience comes from solo piano performances which I have been involved in since I was very young. I have also performed in a range of ensembles, including playing the piano and violin in an orchestra, and singing and playing the keys in jazz and rock bands.

My Teaching Philosophy
I believe that two key elements when teaching music are helping students to get to a stage where they are able to enjoy what they are playing, but to also remain motivated to grow and develop as musicians. I think it is important to help students to achieve their musical goals but also to foster enjoyment and excitement surrounding their instrument.

What makes you want to be a music teacher?
That ‘oh’ moment when a student takes on board your suggestion and it works for them. I love seeing the confidence and enthusiasm it brings them when something finally clicks for them.

Awards I have received include:

My Favorite Artists, Bands, Composers, Pieces of Music are: