Piano – Rosanna



Associate Performer – A. Dip. A. (hons.) in Classical Pianoforte

Grade 5 Music Theory

ALL the instruments I TEACH and their level

Piano Classical – Advanced

The Styles of Music I specialize in are:


My Teaching experience includes :

One year in teaching piano

One year in private tutoring

My Band, Ensemble and Performing experience includes:

Melbourne High School Davis Band

My Teaching Philosophy

Students learn best when they are learning about something they want to learn about. This is especially the case for music. I am very willing to listen to students about what they want to play, and how they want to play it. I will always try my best in helping turn a student’s idea into reality.

What makes you want to be a music teacher?

I believe in the enjoyment that music can bring into a person’s life. I want to be involved in helping students achieve a level in music that allows them to enjoy being able to play songs that they like. It gives me great pleasure to support students through their musical endeavours.

Awards I have received include:


My Favorite Artists, Bands, Composers, Pieces of Music are:

Jay Chou