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Liam King


AMus - Violin (AMEB 2012)

Bachelor of Arts (UTas 2013)

Grade 7 - Musicianship (AMEB 2012)

All the instruments I teach and their level:

Violin – Advanced
Piano – Intermediate

The styles of music I specialize in are:
Classical, Contemporary, Scottish, Irish and Bluegrass

I’ve been a music tutor for several years, plus some high school classroom experience, and a stint as music co-ordinator for a church youth group. I’ve also led a few bands and ensembles of varying skill levels.

A bit of everything. I was concertmaster and soloist with the Coastal Chamber Orchestra for a number of years, I’ve toured extensively with rock and folk bands internationally and across Australia, played semi-professionally in chamber ensembles and as a session musician, formed and led several folk bands and busked around the world.

I say “do what you have to do, to play what you want to play, and enjoy as much of the process as you can”. Technical exercises, exams, etc. are useful for helping students get comfortable with the instrument and the pressures of performance, but ultimately learning music is more than just a means to an end, and it’s better to wring as much joy and musicality as possible from each step of the journey than defer fulfilment in pursuit of unattainable perfection.

Getting to spend all day helping other people discover the joys of fiddling and making music.

Illawarra Folk Festival Tunewriting Competition (2017) Tamar Valley Folk Festival Tunewriting Competition (2005)

I prefer not to talk about music (or dance about architecture), out of the context of making it happen.

Any review founded

Intermediate & Advanced Programs

$ 38.50


Piano Beginner Programs

$ 29


Violin Beginner Programs

$ 29