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Isabella Formichelli – Rowville Studio


Grade 4 AMEB Classical Piano

Certificate 3 in Music Performance

Bachelor of Music at Box Hill Institute

All the instruments I teach and their level:

Piano - Intermediate

Singing - Advanced

The styles of music I specialize in are:

Piano - Classical

Singing - Contemporary and Jazz

I have volunteered in schools working with primary school children in small singing groups and I have taught a 40 year old woman for about a year.

I have been performing in bands, choir ensemble and singing groups since I was 12 years old.

Being able to have fun and build confidence in singing and piano, this includes theoretical aspects and warm ups, plus the performance components.

I'd love to teach anyone at any age, whoever is as passionate and wants to learn I would be happy to teach. I am a music teacher because I want to help people grow and discover new things about music just as I have.

Victorian Story Singing Award - 2008

Song of the Week Radio WigWam - 2018.

Etta James 'Fool That I Am' and 'I'd Rather Go Blind' are my two favourite songs. She sings with such conviction and emotion and I love every aspect of it. When I sing these songs, it is the only time I am completely free and confident .


Piano and Keyboard Preschool Program

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Intermediate & Advanced Programs

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Piano Beginner Programs

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Singing Beginner Programs

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