Flute – Diamond Creek and Rosanna



Completing Bachelor of Applied Music at Box Hill Institite of TAFE

ALL the instruments I TEACH and their level

  • Flute Classical – Beginner to intermediate

The Styles of Music I specialize in are:

  • Classical/Baroque era music

My Teaching experience includes :

  • – High School Peer Mentoring Program
  • – Box Hill Studio Teaching elective unit
  • – I have not had any real life experience in instrumental teaching. However, I am trained and

My Band, Ensemble and Performing experience includes:
Eltham High School Intermediate, Concert, Symphonic Bands and Flute Ensemble

My Teaching Philosophy
Taking the time to understand the student’s strengths and help encourage them to overcome their weaknesses.

What makes you want to be a music teacher?
As long as I’ve been a student, I have always managed to create a strong relationship with many teachers, and they have helped me overcome most of the challenges I have faced. Now I want to commit myself to helping students achieve as well.

Awards I have received include:
1st Victorian Flute Guild Ensemble Competition (2012)

My Favorite Artists, Bands, Composers, Pieces of Music are:
Artist: Ros Bandt

Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Strauss, Johann Sebastian Bach