Violin – Templestowe


Grade 8 AMEB Violin

ALL the instruments I TEACH and their level

VIOLIN – Beginner to Advanced

The Styles of Music I specialize in are:

  • Classicale

My Teaching experience includes :

I have assisted in violin teaching in many age groups during my high school years ranging from Year 7- Year 12. I also currently tutor primary school age groups for children between 10-15 years of age. Attending various professional violin concerts such as Nostalgia by Lu Siqing provides me with a better insight and understanding.

My Band, Ensemble and Performing experience includes:
Box Hill Music Ensemble,

Kew High Orchestra

End of year Solo performance for Box Hill Music School

My Teaching Philosophy
I believe the stepping stone is to develop the fundementals of learning. This can aide children throughout their paths for creativity and inspiration with ease and confidence. As teachers, we will provide a sense of guidance and let students ultimately choose the oppotunities that awaits them. In doing so, students will enrich their learning by harnessing technique and skill but to be balanced by a sense of enjoyment and fun. The balance of the two combined with musicality and knowledge will provide strong potential in musical sucession.

What makes you want to be a music teacher?
I wish to make a postive difference on the future of students who wish to play music. This provides not only a great challenge but also fulfilling as the most enlightening point of self satisfaction is watching them grow, develop and prosper into something marvellous .

Awards I have received include:
Kew High School Certificate of Performance

My Favorite Artists, Bands, Composers, Pieces of Music are:
Four Seasons-Vivaldi, Concerto in D-Mozart, Meditation-Massenet. Bach and Sarasate are favourites too