Katerina Ali

Intermediate Piano – Mentone



ABRSM Grade 8

ALL the instruments I TEACH and their level

Piano Classical Beginner to Intermediate

Piano Contemporary Beginner to Intermediate

The Styles of Music I specialize in are:

I specialize in classical and contemporary style

My Teaching experience includes :

Currently playing as a volunteer pianist at a childcare center, ages 1-4 years.

My Band, Ensemble and Performing experience includes:


My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, naturally I will set high expectations in order for the student to deliver the expected results. However, whether the student actually achieves the expectations is not the point, but the process of learning is the one that is more important. Learning is a lifelong process thus no one is too old or too young to have music lessons. Music is an art where a person is able to express their inner feelings. As the teacher, it is my job to provide an environment where my students feel comfortable enough to explore that part of themselves. I am flexible and believe that learning music should be enjoyable. I adapt to each student’s needs and interests to ensure that the student is always having fun while playing music. I also treat my students with respect, creating an environment where students feel safe.

What makes you want to be a music teacher?

I have seen the joy music brings to people, whether they are children or adults. I am passionate about teaching and would love to share the skills I have in creating and playing music. As a parent myself I know that musical training helps in the development of the child’s brain and personality. As an adult, I find that playing music is a great stress reliever which can take us away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I want to assist others in learning a new skill and excelling at it.

Awards I have received include:

ABRSM certificates from Grade One to Grade Eight

My Favorite Artists, Bands, Composers, Pieces of Music are:

Composers: Johann Strauss, Mozart, Vivaldi, Richard Clayderman

Pieces of Music: Canon In D, Blue Danube, Fur Elise, children’s music

Artists: Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Mariah Carey