Are you or your children getting bored these holidays?

Would you like to try something new and different and fun?

Are you ready to explore some new Musical activities that may help fill an hour or two EACH DAY for FIVE DAYS?

Turn Boredom into FUN times, and maybe learn something along the way –

Parents can join in with their kids, or let their kids go solo…. it’s all up to you.


What is it?

Wendy has chosen 4 carefully selected activities to do each day.

Each day will be different. Do them all, or just one- it’s up to you!

Activities include : Composing on ipad apps, Memorising well known songs, Improvising and Repertoire Activities.

Equipment needed : Use your instrument, your ipad, a smart phone

Instructions on 5 Days of activities with links to video instructions and sheet music.

Suitable for different ages, standards and instruments. You can do as much or as little as you like!

Share the fun by posting your daily videos on our facebook page and see what others have created too!